"After our youngest son had seen Star Wars for the twelfth or thirteenth time, I said, "Why do you go so often?" He said, "For the same reason you have been reading the Old Testament all of your life." He was in a new world of myth." Bill Moyers, interview with Joseph Campbell


















































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     01.02.2009 Cyberspace provides new ground to young social activists

     31.01.2009 US releases four translated books in Kolkata

     31.01.2009 Amid war, Tamil refugee flow to India drops

     31.01.2009 26/11 could have been planned on a ship: Pakistani envoy

     31.01.2009 'Preliminary' probe into 26/11 over, to share findings with India: Qureshi

     31.01.2009 China targets Dalai Lama with slavery charges

     29.01.2009 Are there more Satyams out there? (Comment)

     29.01.2009 President Barack Obama's gesture touches former aide

     29.01.2009 Hundreds of dead civilians piling up in Sri Lanka war

     29.01.2009 Scholars in Gandhian thought can't get jobs

     29.01.2009 Indian Army to have amphibious force soon

     29.01.2009 Indo-German ocean experiment begins despite protests

     29.01.2009 Obama's background makes him pro-Indian: Historian Simon Schama (Interview)

     29.01.2009 No Beating Retreat this Jan 29

     29.01.2009 Ever heard of a ghost fair? It's here in Madhya Pradesh

     28.01.2009 Himachal Pradesh to go 'herbal' with massive plantation drive

     28.01.2009 'Slumdog' kids chase dreams with stars in their eyes

     28.01.2009 Attention for 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'Q & A' is mind-boggling: Vikas Swarup

     28.01.2009 India should prepare for Obama's regional strategy: expert

     28.01.2009 Want to brush up your Chinese? Join the club

     27.01.2009 Former president R. Venkataraman dead (Lead)

     19.12.2008 Post-Mumbai attack: Praise for armed forces from across India

     19.12.2008 Remember K.J. Alphonse? Bureaucrat-turned-legislator now turns actor

     19.12.2008 Luxury haven for aged parents of NRIs

     16.12.2008 India nowhere near recession: Chidambaram

     16.12.2008 No military action but Pakistan must act against terror: Antony

     16.12.2008 Time for stern action against Pakistan: BJP chief

     16.12.2008 Hit by avian flu again, West Bengal's Malda begins culling

     16.12.2008 Huge response to Indian art in Hong Kong: Paresh Maity

     15.12.2008 ASI, CISF, home ministry review Taj Mahal security

     15.12.2008 India, China lay stress on cooperation to combat terrorism

     15.12.2008 Bereft of people, beautiful buildings just empty shells

     15.12.2008 Indian art featured in two new Chicago art galleries

     15.12.2008 Women break into another male bastion in Bollywood

     15.12.2008 MP3 player, blog in kids' dictionary - monarch, bishop out!

     15.12.2008 Chronicles of Delhi Metro now in a coffee-table book

     15.12.2008 Ian Fleming 'nicked' Bond's name from American ornithologist

     15.12.2008 Assembly elections confirm bipolar trend in India

     15.12.2008 Gender imbalance highest among India's affluent: Harvard study

     15.12.2008 'Sir, why are all terrorists Muslims?'

     14.12.2008 I love the canvas of 'Midnight's Children', says Deepa Mehta of latest project

     14.12.2008 Mahabharata a sustaining factor in my life: Nobel winner Le Clezio

     14.12.2008 E-books close to market breakthrough

     14.12.2008 LTTE 'suicide boat' recovered after fierce gun-battle: Lanka

     14.12.2008 Insulating Supreme Court from terror threat a complex task

     14.12.2008 Exercising the military option: possible, but not feasible

     14.12.2008 Danny Boyle loved India, loved Mumbai: A.R. Rahman

     14.12.2008 Britain blames Lashkar for Mumbai, asks Pakistan to act

     14.12.2008 Indian IT industry caught in unpredictable times: Ramadorai

     13.12.2008 Fight against terror should not cause brutalisation of society: PM

     13.12.2008 Strauss, Collingwood stretch England's lead to 247

     13.12.2008 Indian female spy arrested: Pakistani officials

     13.12.2008 Indian Navy arrests 23 pirates off Aden

     13.12.2008 BJP in a quandary with temple and terror cards

     13.12.2008 Pakistan's demand for evidence a delaying tactic, says India

     13.12.2008 Police on job, but keep eyes and ears open

     13.12.2008 Climate summit finale saddest moment: Indian delegate     

     13.12.2008 Post-Mumbai: Will India's soft-power diplomacy work?

     13.12.2008 SC could take action if sanctions not implemented: UN

     13.12.2008 Efforts must continue on North Korea nuclear issue: Ban Ki-moon

     12.12.2008 Former PM's memoirs record Indian grip on Nepal politics

     12.12.2008 J.K. Rowling's back with prequel to the seven Potter series

     12.12.2008 What if I was a bomber on a jam-packed local train?

     12.12.2008 Crucial question at climate change summit: is it people or peoples?

     12.12.2008 Pixographic art, Vadodara art and diplomatic art

     12.12.2008 Only 1,500 tigers left in India: official booklet

     12.12.2008 Post 26/11, Mumbai night life takes a back seat

     12.12.2008 Violent films making Indian teenagers aggressive: study

     11.12.2008 Some businesses continue to flourish despite slowdown

     11.12.2008 World oil demand to shrink for first time in 25 years

     11.12.2008 Economic stress affecting teeth, causing gum disease

     11.12.2008 3G:The Untold Story and What it means to a Mobile User

     11.12.2008 Magic of small films fading away

     11.12.2008 Very soon, we won't be able to adapt to climate change: Pachauri

     11.12.2008 Tourists back at Mumbai's Leopold Caf reading 'Shantaram'

     10.12.2008 India facing same issues as US post 9/11: Rice

     10.12.2008 Knocking on slum doors for AIDS awareness, testing

     10.12.2008 In 1996, Masood Azhar told Sobhraj about plan to attack Mumbai

     10.12.2008 Expeditions to Everest have claimed 212 lives

     10.12.2008 Rivalry between intelligence agencies is costing India lives

     10.12.2008 Unchecked boxes at parking lots, could they be bombs?

     10.12.2008 India seeks 'ambitious outcome' at climate summit

     10.12.2008 Terror ravaged in Assam to get counselling balm

     10.12.2008 How and why Sheila Dikshit crushed BJP in Delhi?

     10.12.2008 In 10 years, Darwinism will be history: Turkish Muslim scholar

     10.12.2008 Kerala yet to warm up to Christmas

     10.12.2008 Rivalry between IB, RAW, MI is costing India lives

     10.12.2008 Afghan 'Valley of Death' is sure-fire hit with media

     10.12.2008 Attacks originated from Pakistani soil, reiterates US

     10.12.2008 First AIDS, now cholera: Zimbabwe's newest orphans

     10.12.2008 Terrorists wanted to stir trouble between India, Pakistan: Rice

     10.12.2008 India no longer cheap shopping destination: Ritu Kumar

     08.12.2008 I can never forget this incident: CST kiosk owner

     08.12.2008 Keanu Reeves loves Indian food, gorges on chicken tikka

     08.12.2008 Russia plans $5 bn rescue plan for defence industry

     08.12.2008 Pakistan cracks down on LeT in face of US pressure

     08.12.2008 Asian markets go bullish on US and Chinese stimulus plans

     08.12.2008 Disappointed BJP to relook at Lok Sabha strategy

     08.12.2008 Terror attacks fail to impact on Congress

     08.12.2008 Bollywood now eyeing Thailand locales

     08.12.2008 Pakistan moves to build bridges with India

     08.12.2008 Pakistan territory used for Mumbai attacks; US seeks action against 'non-state' actors

     08.12.2008 Congress poised to win in three of five states, BJP in two

     08.12.2008 Terror-proof security by private agencies long way off

     08.12.2008 Massive deforestation leading to climate change, species loss

     05.12.2008 NASA delays unmanned Mars mission for two years

     05.12.2008 Worldwide support for ban on smoking in cars with kids

     05.12.2008 Little wine may be way to healthier heart

     05.12.2008 Candidates approaching astrologers to know their fate

     05.12.2008 Chill is real, India-Pakistan composite dialogue "on hold"

     05.12.2008 India loses more people to climate change than any other country

     05.12.2008 Call to regulate media coverage of terror strikes

     05.12.2008 It was a terrorist invasion of India: Operation Bluestar commander

     05.12.2008 After violence, India set for low-key Christmas

     05.12.2008 All over US, Americans pledge to fight terror with India

     05.12.2008 Bollywood suggests how Mumbai can get back on its feet

     05.12.2008 Eid sermons will highlight Islam's message of peace

     05.12.2008 Delhi airport normal after terror scare, investigations on

     04.12.2008 China, India to hold joint anti-terror military exercise

     04.12.2008 European Parliament gives Dalai Lama rapturous welcome

     04.12.2008 Oberoi group's terror-hit Trident Hotel to reopen Dec 21

     04.12.2008 No Pakistan-India military standoff: Rice

     04.12.2008 Infosys to freeze fresh hiring, opts for economic prudence

     04.12.2008 Government mulls curbs on TV reporting post Mumbai

     04.12.2008 ArcelorMittal to cut 1,000 jobs even in low-cost Poland

     04.12.2008 Bureaucrats must share blame for terror mayhem: experts

     04.12.2008 TV blabbering is not journalism: Lessons from the live coverage

     04.12.2008 Why did state government take so long to react

     28.11.2008 Rs.10 mn for families of security men killed in Mumbai: Modi

     28.11.2008 Don't know what was happening: Released foreign hostage

     28.11.2008 'Mumbai terror strikes meant to hit Indian economy'

     28.11.2008 'Dawood and ISI involved in Mumbai attack'

     28.11.2008 India's political leadership to blame: Wall Street Journal

     28.11.2008 Strike terrorism with iron hand, Bollywood stars tell politicians

     28.11.2008 Mumbai attacks may sharpen Obama's Kashmir focus

     28.11.2008 Australia offers counter-terror, as one Australian killed in Mumbai

     28.11.2008 Marine commandos fight militants in their own coin

     28.11.2008 Mumbai's Taj - from icon of grace to symbol of terror

     28.11.2008 Mumbai hostage crisis heads for dramatic finish; commandos airdropped

     28.11.2008 V.P. Singh signalled paradigm shift in Indian politics

     28.11.2008 Former prime minister V.P. Singh, the Mandal messiah, dies

     28.11.2008 Israel concerned about rabbi held hostage, to send rescue team

     28.11.2008 PM, Sonia, Advani visit Mumbai injured

     28.11.2008 Commandos to flush out terrorists in Mumbai, 125 dead

     28.11.2008 India can deal with Mumbai terror strikes: Pranab

     28.11.2008 124 killed, more than 320 injured in Mumbai attack

     27.11.2008 Politics clouds environmental issues in Delhi poll

     27.11.2008 Trade, commerce hit as terror strikes India's commercial hub

     27.11.2008 I've proved all my critics wrong: Katrina Kaif

     27.11.2008 Narrow escape for 'Bigg Boss' participants in Mumbai terror attack

     27.11.2008 Tense night for PM as terror hits Mumbai

     26.11.2008 Russia and the global financial crisis

     26.11.2008 A lot has happened in Georgia, but none of it is good

     26.11.2008 China court sentences eight drug traffickers to death

     26.11.2008 Obama vows budget savings to fund economic revival

     26.11.2008 In southern India, a magnet for seekers of spirituality

     26.11.2008 Delhi dilemma: which way will voters swing?

     25.11.2008 Nandan Nilekani confident of changing India with ideas

     25.11.2008 Bootlegging in the time of Delhi elections

     25.11.2008 Obese India: A ticking time bomb (Essay)

     25.11.2008 Advani best for BJP but not for country: Govindacharya

     25.11.2008 India's growth story remains intact: Ahluwalia

     24.11.2008 Strong ties with India, China major Bush achievement: Rice

     24.11.2008 Malaysian cancer survivors disappointed with yoga ban

     24.11.2008 Sri Lanka war reaches crucial phase; troops zero in on Kilinochchi

     24.11.2008 US, Britain tried to block Bangladesh's birth: book

     24.11.2008 Imagine if Obama's wife was white, asks African-American author

     24.11.2008 India does not face recession: Finance minister

     23.11.2008 Tibetan exiles show democracy at work

     23.11.2008 Ready to go under the knife for that perfect look

     23.11.2008 Botanist on mission to save rare Indian herbal remedies

     23.11.2008 Avoid stereotypes that enlarge fault lines, introspect: PM tells police

     23.11.2008 Country cannot afford more terror attacks: PM

     23.11.2008 Successor could be a young boy or girl: Dalai Lama

     22.11.2008 Eat, talk and buy art at India's unique art platform

     22.11.2008 'Strong relations with India, China major Bush legacy'

     22.11.2008 Which way will warship Admiral Gorshkov sail?

     22.11.2008 India, China, US cooperation seen on sea lane security

     21.11.2008 Gloom will give way to optimism if voted to power: Advani

     21.11.2008 Michael Jackson converts to Islam

     21.11.2008 'Buddhism has to evolve to remain socially relevant in Asia'

     21.11.2008 Indian Navy - projecting a force beyond borders

     21.11.2008 Aishwarya Rai pays surprise visit to father on his b'day

     21.11.2008 Manmohan Singh talks growth, Sonia Gandhi assures inclusion

     21.11.2008 India seeking polar role in new world order: US study

     21.11.2008 China, India set to be leading powers by 2025: US intelligence

     21.11.2008 Elephant dung sell like hot cake as mosquito repellent

     21.11.2008 Independence or autonomy: Tibetan dilemma continues

     21.11.2008 Celebrities as brand ambassadors: The 'hang in there' mantra

     21.11.2008 Chinese 'gopi' collects 20,000 Krishna idols

     21.11.2008 Salman has a heart of gold: Subhash Ghai

     21.11.2008 What do our Bollywood body beautifuls eat?

     20.11.2008 Bon Jovi, Amitabh Bachchan to perform for a cause

     20.11.2008 Dalai Lama justifies staying away from Tibetan meet

     20.11.2008 Advani meets top industrialists to discuss state of the economy

     20.11.2008 "Strong partner" like India needed to face global challenges: Germany

     20.11.2008 Somali pirates demand $25 million for Saudi tanker

     20.11.2008 India to scale up military presence in Gulf of Aden

     20.11.2008 Obama's dilemma: two Clintons for the price of one!

     19.11.2008 Indian origin journalist's book nominated for British literature prize

     19.11.2008 In election time, the Amby still rules

     19.11.2008 Malaysian Indian sculptor specialises in Chinese statues too

     19.11.2008 British Telecom India sees growth opportunity in crisis

     19.11.2008 Market economy killing academic profession: Pitroda to PM

     19.11.2008 Dubai realtors woo buyers with tempting finance schemes

     19.11.2008 16 years on, two priests, nun held for Sister Abhaya's murder

     18.11.2008 I may be a 'bachcha', but so are most Indians: Rahul Gandhi

     18.11.2008 BJP should introspect on supporting terror accused: Rahul

     18.11.2008 India Economic Summit reflects underlying unease amid hope

     18.11.2008 Indian techies hit by recession in US

     15.11.2008 India's nuclear deal - and two worldviews

     15.11.2008 Obama's election demonstrates maturity of American democracy

     15.11.2008 The Thackeray family's dubious inheritance

     15.11.2008 Media support for Obama: US differs from India

     15.11.2008 Right to information: Orissa activist keeps hitting brick wall

     15.11.2008 Tom and Jerry' adventures still top charts

     15.11.2008 We're in a mess, say filmmakers hit by global meltdown

     14.11.2008 India needs to sign nuclear safeguards pact, liability convention: US

     14.11.2008 Iraq war ends? New York Times spoof says so

     14.11.2008 Protests urged as Myanmar jails blogger for 20 years

     14.11.2008 Senior journalist gunned down in Mexico

     14.11.2008 Newspaper run by Indian Canadian bags journalism award

     14.11.2008 Myanmar journalist jailed for covering cyclone relief protest

     14.11.2008 Japan's DoCoMo makes open offer for Tata's telecom firm

     14.11.2008 'Leadership is a critical challenge during slowdown'

     14.11.2008 'Obama attaches high priority to stronger ties with India'

     14.11.2008 Developed world must shield countries like India: Chidambaram

     14.11.2008 Kids distressed by family fighting have higher stress hormone levels

     14.11.2008 How much carbon does a plant absorb and release?

     14.11.2008 Google Earth reconstructs ancient Rome in 3D

     14.11.2008 What India should expect from Barack Obama, what it shouldn't

     14.11.2008 Haryana minister is country's richest woman, says Forbes

     14.11.2008 'Indian adolescents in metros vulnerable to risky behaviour'

     11.11.2008 Advani calls Manmohan Singh weakest PM

     11.11.2008 Indian Navy warship foils hijack attempt off Aden

     11.11.2008 Obama wanted to talk, says PM

     11.11.2008 Yummy? Thank the bacteria in your mouth

     11.11.2008 'Bollywood gives step-motherly treatment to TV actors'

     11.11.2008 Cartoon king aims to conquer Everest with art

     11.11.2008 Want change, will vote, says young Delhi

     11.11.2008 Has China finally shut the door on Dalai Lama?

     11.11.2008 Teenaged girls strip every night at Kathmandu dance bars

     10.11.2008 Children being used by Maoists in propaganda war

     10.11.2008 Chandrayaan nudged closer to moon

     10.11.2008 India rejects China threat, ready to embrace democratic Maldives

     10.11.2008 India, Qatar to ramp defence, economic, energy ties

     08.11.2008 PM's Oman-Qatar visit to boost investment, energy security

     08.11.2008 What will you eat on the moon, how will you travel?

     07.11.2008 Himachal ill-equipped to help accident victims

     07.11.2008 Celebrations in Bhutan as new king is crowned

     07.11.2008 Obama picks Indian American Sonal Shah as adviser

     07.11.2008 New York to cut 3,000 government jobs: reports

     07.11.2008 Russia 'ready' for better relations with Obama: Medvedev

     06.11.2008 Guts a pre-requisite to fly on Siachen Glacier

     06.11.2008 Marxists allege $13-bn scam in India's spectrum allocation

     06.11.2008 Indian Australian scientist promotes green plastics

     06.11.2008 French woman performs Chhath in Bihar for Belgian husband

     06.11.2008 Political aspirations of Indian diaspora rise with Obama win

     06.11.2008 Matrimonial magazine for Indian community in US launched

     05.11.2008 Beckhams give each other 'magic' necklaces

     05.11.2008 Obama crosses 'colour line', elected first black US president

     05.11.2008 Obama's journey to White House will inspire all: Manmohan Singh

     05.11.2008 We finally achieved our goal: South Asians for Obama

     05.11.2008 'Obama-Biden team will take India-US relationship to next level'

     05.11.2008 India and Obama - in a nutshell

     05.11.2008 Highlights of Obama's life and times

     05.11.2008 Obama's leap of faith fired by Mahatma Gandhi

     05.11.2008 What Obama presidency means for India

     05.11.2008 AC/DC's present tour could be lead singer Johnson's last

     04.11.2008 2008 US presidential race long, costliest

     04.11.2008 Washington summit: Expect major showdown between US and world powers

     04.11.2008 Obama, McCain campaigns use new technology to the max

     03.11.2008 Why India stands largely insulated from global financial crisis

     03.11.2008 Why the global recession is also an opportunity for India

     03.11.2008 'Media makes infectious diseases seem much worse'

     03.11.2008 US newspapers, magazines to slash thousands of jobs

     03.11.2008 Obama scores ratings hit with infomercial

     03.11.2008 Two BBC presenters suspended for sex joke

     03.11.2008 Two Goan ministers in police's 'goonda list'

     03.11.2008 Media should execute duties responsibly: President

     03.11.2008 NYT moves Beijing bureau chief to India

     03.11.2008 Advertisement slanders German rape victim in Goa

     03.11.2008 Israeli archeologists find rare ancient stone seal

     03.11.2008 Industry status must for Indian theatre: Amal Allana

     03.11.2008 Campaign outsourcing: Bangalore techies root for Obama

     03.11.2008 Ayurveda medicine promises to cure chemotherapy side effects

     03.11.2008 Few takers for 'arabi rumaals' after terror taint

     03.11.2008 Obama appears a hit in India as well

     03.11.2008 Obama, the man with a taste for Indian food

     03.11.2008 Barack Obama has rare instinct for consensus, says ex-aide

     01.11.2008 Manmohan Singh to go to Oman, Qatar Nov 8

     01.11.2008 Afghan and Italian films triumph at Rome film fest

     01.11.2008 Australians head to Kerala for 'mind, body, soul' experience

     01.11.2008 For the West, Gulf the saviour in this time of crisis

     01.11.2008 At 43, King Khan explores new avenues

     01.11.2008 20 primitive tribals die in Jharkhand in one month

     31.10.2008 Billionaires for the next generation

     31.10.2008 Assam's steady descent into darkness

     31.10.2008 Indian author's book Prachanda's gift to UN chief

     31.10.2008 Democracy in Maldives good news for India, say experts

     31.10.2008 'India is next big thing in global rock music'

     31.10.2008 There is nothing called Hindu terrorism: V.K. Malhotra

     30.10.2008 Reclusive rapper Eminem returns with book, new album

     30.10.2008 Booker winner Aravind Adiga sacks his literary agent

     30.10.2008 Fairy tales and religious myths not good for children?

     30.10.2008 Mental illness biggest health risk by 2010, but who cares?

    30.10.2008 Crucial meet will hear voices for Tibet's independence

     30.10.2008 Financial crunch hurting British NRIs (Diaspora Watch)

     30.10.2008 'Strategic ties with India should be US foreign policy priority'

     30.10.2008 Muslims ask: from Kashmir to Kerala, how did terrorism spread?

     30.10.2008 Dalai Lama's envoys leave for talks with China

     28.10.2008 Device tracks and delivers virus count in minutes

     28.10.2008 Sparkle, sans fireworks, in Diwali celebrations in Gulf

     28.10.2008 China urges rich nations to help poor fight climate change

     28.10.2008 Feeling of hatred activates specific brain areas

     28.10.2008 Indian jailed for Britain's biggest fake credit card fraud

     28.10.2008 Focus on roads, water, health will give masses feel of robust economy

     28.10.2008 Siachen trek: The experience of a lifetime

     28.10.2008 Unitech Wireless offloads 60 percent stake in Norwegian firm

     28.10.2008 India poised to be major player in global satellite manufacturing

     27.10.2008 New Dubai hotel to be inspired by Rajasthan architecture

     27.10.2008 Air Arabia launches operations to Hyderabad

     27.10.2008 Diwali celebrations bring Malaysians together

     27.10.2008 Amitabh Bachchan now writes his blog in English and Hindi

     27.10.2008 With Lights, crackers and sweets, Delhi celebrates Diwali

     27.10.2008 Yell and scream in Dubai for a world record

     27.10.2008 Obama leads; polls show it's uphill for McCain

     27.10.2008 Obama, McCain spar over economy in final push

     27.10.2008 Kramnik beats Anand in 10th game, stays alive in match

     26.10.2008 China world's leading power, believe French people

     26.10.2008 Government to help overseas Indians trace their roots

     26.10.2008 India's Aravind Adiga wins Booker for debut novel

     26.10.2008 Indian in Oman writes a family saga

     26.10.2008 Terrorism should be subject of study in schools: Kiran Bedi

     26.10.2008 Nepal soothsayers predict Obama win

     26.10.2008 Indian-born's company ties up with Boeing for US space supplies

     26.10.2008 Indian equities crash to three-year low on Diwali-eve, recover

     26.10.2008 I am not escaping parliament, polls on schedule: PM

     26.10.2008 Jagger, Bowie, John to play at Olympics 2012?

     26.10.2008 US forces kill seven in Syria: eyewitnesses

     26.10.2008 Indian economy bound to experience pain, says PM

     26.10.2008 Chandrayaan enters deep space; on way to moon

     24.10.2008 Consumers shying away from gold this Diwali

     24.10.2008 India's air navigation system to be world's most sophisticated

     24.10.2008 Nano pullout has dented West Bengal's image: Industry

     24.10.2008 Manmohan Singh: in China he relishes his dal and roti

     22.10.2008 Aircraft maintenance has $1-bn business potential in India

     22.10.2008 Indian instruments aboard Chandrayaan-1 for lunar exploration

     22.10.2008 India plans to send two men to space by 2015

     22.10.2008 India is fastest growing market for Bell Helicopter

     22.10.2008 'Free software allows cheaper long distance phone calls'

     22.10.2008 A helpline this Diwali to help treat burns

     22.10.2008 BJP hopes to sail with ailing Vajpayee

     22.10.2008 Europe wants new global financial order

     20.10.2008 Space scientist from a star village

     20.10.2008 Spain discovers the rising India, albeit belatedly

     20.10.2008 Kerala woos IT sector investors to generate employment

     20.10.2008 Indian space agency aims $60 mn revenue from satellite manufacturing

     20.10.2008 India's space odyssey - church to Chandrayaan

     20.10.2008 In Central Asia, a giant 'steppe' towards 21st century city

     20.10.2008 Climate change leads to $300 bn business

     20.10.2008 Chinese exporters look to domestic market

     20.10.2008 Up above the world so high, tracking satellites in the sky

     20.10.2008 Who wants to be (almost) a crorepati in Afghanistan

     20.10.2008 PM leaves for Japan, China on Tuesday

     19.10.2008 Bollywood a big draw in Tajikistan: minister

     19.10.2008 Winds of change sweep through an Indian jail

     19.10.2008 Asian businesses face tough times in credit-hit UK

     19.10.2008 Indian centre to monitor terror activities in Bangladesh

     19.10.2008 'Designing Chandrayaan was like writing lyrics to a set tune'

     19.10.2008 In modern Mahabharata, Muslim man gambles away wife

     19.10.2008 Global slowdown threatens millions of jobs in China

     18.10.2008 Harbhajan Singh continues to play with fire

     18.10.2008 India's composite culture under attack from sectarianism: PM

     18.10.2008 Dubai to host charity auction of Indian art

     18.10.2008 One man and his museum in China

     18.10.2008 Chandrayaan moved to launch platform for rehearsal

     18.10.2008 Religion not basis for recall of men on Advani security: Police

     18.10.2008 Dialogue between Muslim and Christian worlds must: Kazakhstan president

     18.10.2008 Read this book to help shed weight

     18.10.2008 Next month's polls will lead to Manmohan-Advani face-off

     18.10.2008 Books on markets meltdown in high demand

     18.10.2008 Rushdie, Jhumpa, Kiran Desai rally for Obama

     18.10.2008 Aravind Adiga wins Booker Prize with 'shocking tale' of Indian poverty

     18.10.2008 India-US n-trade awaits some 'technical steps'

     18.10.2008 India is so exciting: British scriptwriter of 'Slumdog Millionaire'

     18.10.2008 New book brings alive women fighters in Indian National Army

     18.10.2008 Astrologers to astronomers: Oct 22 good day for moon mission launch

     17.10.2008 Moon mission won't lead to big satellite launch orders

     17.10.2008 Nepal Maoists to drop Mao?

     17.10.2008 Manmohan to go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar next month

     17.10.2008 'US cannot shape the world without India'

     29.09.2008 Second British bank nationalised as US credit crunch spreads

     29.09.2008 Indian investors nervous on US bailout plan details

     29.09.2008 India-EU to double bilateral trade to 100 bn euros: Kamal Nath

     29.09.2008 15 crude bombs recovered in Ahmedabad ahead of festivals

     26.09.2008 The people of India love you, Manmohan to Bush

     26.09.2008 India to open consulates in Seattle, Atlanta

     26.09.2008 Bush thanks Manmohan for briefing on South Asia

     26.09.2008 Sukhoi keen on aircraft plant at Nagpur

     25.09.2008 Japan to celebrate colours of India Sep 27-28

     25.09.2008 China to republish ancient books

     25.09.2008 Spreading science in India's villages

     25.09.2008 Mughal era to Independence - Red Fort stands guard through the ages

     25.09.2008 Leveraging knowledge, India now a $1 trillion economic powerhouse

     25.09.2008 Manhattan magic, security blues, rebels with a hundred causes

     25.09.2008 Flood survivors remain separated by Kosi waters

     24.09.2008 'Hindustani classical influenced by Persian music'

     24.09.2008 Venezuelan President Chavez on China visit

     24.09.2008 Better sensors will reduce food wastage

     24.09.2008 Intelligence agencies more active in political espionage: Brajesh Mishra

     24.09.2008 Indian hockey is drifting rudderless

     24.09.2008 Indian IT sector sees limited impact of US meltdown

     24.09.2008 Indian Maoists have ties with other terror groups

     24.09.2008 US attacks could have serious implications for Pakistan

     23.09.2008 India ready to help Nepal raise $20 bn for hydropower sector

     23.09.2008 New Indo-Nepal economic pact in pipeline

     23.09.2008 Corporates must pump money into sport at grassroots level

     23.09.2008 Terror in the name of Islam: what purpose does it serve?

     23.09.2008 Olympic hockey order: India should have been there

     23.09.2008 Sign language over cell phones now possible in US

     23.09.2008 Russia-NATO: Return of the great game

     23.09.2008 Is India an outlet for Sotheby's unsold art?

     23.09.2008 Culture greatly influences youths' drinking patterns

     23.09.2008 Russia to push new European security deal at UN

     23.09.2008 Pakistan probes mystery of US Marines' steel boxes in Marriott

     23.09.2008 India n-deal may support 250,000 American jobs: US chamber

     23.09.2008 Tibetan children face punishment for studying in India

     23.09.2008 I know a thing or two about India: Greg Chappell

     22.09.2008 Dubai Metro starts trial operations

     22.09.2008 Indian community in Qatar comes in for praise

     22.09.2008 Gulf's first polytechnic opens in Bahrain

     22.09.2008 Gorbachev cautions against willingness to take up arms

     22.09.2008 UPA government financing 'dying' US economy: CPI

     22.09.2008 'India refashions itself as global military power'

     22.09.2008 Hydrocarbons - the prize in modern wars

     22.09.2008 Indian minister to address Nepal energy summit

     22.09.2008 Bahrain arm of US firm bags Tata Mundra supply deal

     22.09.2008 Crime novelist La Plante accused of being copycat

     22.09.2008 'India has new generation that can take on the world'

     22.09.2008 Expected soon, Indian editions of Time, Newsweek and more

     22.09.2008 Some griseous words in these embrangled times

     22.09.2008 Eco-friendly 'green buildings' catching on in India

     22.09.2008 Chinese president hopes US moves will stabilise market

     22.09.2008 John Lennon damaged son's hearing: Biography

     22.09.2008 Men who want women to stay home earn more

     22.09.2008 Canada leader vows to ban handguns as Toronto bleeds

     22.09.2008 Maoists lose religion battle in Nepal

     22.09.2008 Indian firms flood Nepal with hydropower proposals

     19.09.2008 Yemeni religious body flays terror attack on US embassy

     19.09.2008 Yemeni president vows to punish US embassy attack plotters

     19.09.2008 10-year-old boy among bomb-makers!

     19.09.2008 150-year-old cathedral torched in central India

     19.09.2008 Capital shootout: Police claims killing mastermind of Delhi bombing

     19.09.2008 India-born US cop gets $1.65 million for racial bias

     18.09.2008 UAE film fest to promote understanding of Islam

     18.09.2008 UAE relaxes norms allowing expats to start own business

     18.09.2008 'Melting of glaciers, loss of biodiversity inevitable'

     18.09.2008 Russia may sell more air defence systems to Iran

     18.09.2008 Abkhazia, South Ossetia no precedents for other rebel regions: Russia

     18.09.2008 Russian oil companies want consortium in Latin America

     18.09.2008 Foreign news magazines can have Indian editions

     17.09.2008 Lebanon, Russia: Reports of a Cold War Redux

     17.09.2008 World economy on the precipice of disaster

     17.09.2008 Fed bails out troubled AIG with $85 bn loan

     16.09.2008 Damien Hirst thirst rakes in 70 mn pounds at Sotheby's auction

     16.09.2008 New interpretation of cinema - through a painting

     16.09.2008 Media a powerful tool to counter terror: reforms panel

     16.09.2008 Indian realty firm signs JV with Oman firm

     16.09.2008 New brand launched to symbolise Abu Dhabi's 2030 vision

     16.09.2008 Indian firm-led consortium bags Oman e-tender contract

     15.09.2008 Sun, sand and shopping - Sydney lures the Indian tourist

     15.09.2008 Russian water detector on U.S. lunar orbiter

     15.09.2008 Tu-160 as a means of persuasion

     15.09.2008 Don't trifle with the Russian bear

     15.09.2008 Equity markets start recovery after free fall

     15.09.2008 Bahrain plans to grant Indians visa on arrival

     15.09.2008 Britain condemns Delhi blasts

     15.09.2008 Another NRI caught for 'holiday marriages'

     15.09.2008 Need for F-16s for Pakistan questioned

     13.09.2008 Blacks and Asians may be warned off London police

     13.09.2008 Russian minister subjected British counterpart to f-word tirade?

     12.09.2008 New interpretation of cinema - through a painting

     12.09.2008 India, Israel explore new partnerships in culture and education

     12.09.2008 Indian-American detects black holes with 10 billion times sun's mass

     12.09.2008 Britons hit - on air, rail and road

     12.09.2008 NRIs will discuss investing in India at Singapore meet (Special)

     12.09.2008 Subodh Gupta reinterprets 'Line of Control' in Beijing

     10.09.2008 Collider experiment: Youtube's largest hit

     10.09.2008 Ramadan holds special significance for Indian Muslims

     10.09.2008 Corbusier's furniture designs to shine in Chandigarh once again

     09.09.2008 Admiral Gorshkov - The Aircraft Carrier and its chequered career

     08.09.2008 NSG waiver means India has arrived as a power

     08.09.2008 Russia-NATO: Return of the great game (Comment) By Ilya Kramnik

     08.09.2008 Will shifting geomagnetic field be Earth's nemesis? RIA Novosti

     08.09.2008 Russia builds floating nuclear power plant RIA Novosti

     08.09.2008 Russia loans $250 mn for Gorshkov work

     07.09.2008 Why Russia Invaded Georgia: Payback Time From the Orthodox World to the West

     07.09.2008 Tibet was non-negotiable for Dalai Lama's brother

     06.09.2008 Digital camera turns boon in uploading Charles X archive

     06.09.2008 Spread India's cultural richness: President to Asiatic Society

     06.09.2008 Delhi gets its first art bookstore

     06.09.2008 Digital invasion of privacy just a step away: Experts

     06.09.2008 E-book era begins in Britain

     05.09.2008 CPI(M) and Karl Marx

     05.09.2008 Dubai ruler's poems turned into TV series

     05.09.2008 Why China is wary of n-deal, but will go along

     05.09.2008 Is reading on your child's agenda? (Teachers Day Special)

     05.09.2008 Mittal residences are on UK's most expensive street

     25.08.2008 Its bye, bye Beijing, over to London

     22.08.2008 iPhone hits major Indian cities

     15.08.2008 Intellectual dishonesty and the culpability of all byJames Nixey

     15.08.2008 Gold, Silver Slump, Leading Commodities Drop on Dollar, Growth

     12.08.2008 U.S. Economy: Trade Gap Narrows on Surge in Exports

     12.08.2008 Russia sends reinforcements to Abkhazia

     09.08.2008 Cabinet approves India-Syria investment pact

     06.08.2008 The Olympics journey - from 776 B.C. to Beijing-2008 by Ilya Kramnik

     03.08.2008 Rushdie, India and Britain: 20 years on from a satanic storm (London Eye)

     03.08.2008 Indian chilled meal regina eyes world market

     03.08.2008 SAARC Summit agrees to revise sensitive list of items, NTBs

     03.08.2008 Russia prioritizes nuclear triad, hi-tech weaponry in future wars

     03.08.2008 Video art comes to Delhi

     02.08.2008 Iran should be treated like India on nuke issues: Soltanieh

     02.08.2008 Two climbers dead, seven missing on K2

     18.07.2008 India slams developed world for agri subsidies

     18.07.2008 Rich Americans stash away $1.5 trillion in tax havens

     18.07.2008 For most lawmakers, money is not key mover: Times of India

     18.07.2008 Women at 100 may give birth: The Asian Age

     18.07.2008 US Speaker calls Bush `a total failure`

     18.07.2008 Gore urges total shift to renewable energy to avert disaster

     18.07.2008 Malaysia relaxes norms for foreign temple priests

     17.07.2008 Yemen says fighting over but rebels seize village

     17.07.2008 US to establish presence in Tehran?

     17.07.2008 There are no permanent enemies, US tells India, Pak

     17.07.2008 Saudi King opens inter-faith conference

     17.07.2008 Biden slams Bush for "ignoring" emergence of India, China

     16.07.2008 Russia will not be drawn into new arms race - Medvedev

     16.07.2008 Friendship with India, China to be Russia`s priority

     15.07.2008 Bush praises Dalai Lama`s `courage`

     15.07.2008 Job opportunities in science goes up, says study

     15.07.2008 PM more interested in corporates than national affairs: BJP

     15.07.2008 Indians expect employment, eco-conditions to improve: Report

     14.07.2008 Mideast peace deal closer than ever: Olmert

     23.06.2008 Exiled Tibetans use internet as weapon against China

     19.06.2008 Historic change in US-India ties a key achievement: Rice

     15.06.2008 Blueprints for advanced nukes possibly sold: Report

     15.06.2008 Monsoon sweeps across India, breaks 108 year record in Delhi

     15.06.2008 Early Monsoon in Delhi breaks 108 years old record

     15.06.2008 Indian scientists secular, but firm believers in god: survey

     14.06.2008 Historic cancer study project launched in Canada

     14.06.2008 Vitamin D: New way to treat heart failure?

     14.06.2008 Microsoft offered $9 bn for Yahoo! stake, search deal

     14.06.2008 'Creating diverse workforce greatest challenge for global firms'

     14.06.2008 He uses hunger, silence to save Ganga from dams

     13.06.2008 India, US agree to bridge Doha differences

     13.06.2008 Rahul Gandhi invited to China again

     13.06.2008 Some 900 projects in India hit by delays; nearly $10 bn lost

     12.06.2008 India inching towards consensus on n-deal, says Kamal Nath

     12.06.2008 Missing Tagore memorabilia recovered after 13 years

     12.06.2008 Rulers of Nepal: Chronology

     12.06.2008 Nepal`s `God-King` wakes up to life as commoner

     12.06.2008 The king is gone, long live the republic, say Nepalese

     10.06.2008 Iraq, the current oil crisis and American mismanagement (Book Review)

     09.06.2008 Kudankulam nuclear plant: not only a construction site but also a university, Tatyana Sinitsyna, RIA Novosti

     08.06.2008 CPI-M upset over fiction targeting Surjeet

     08.06.2008 Budding British teenage author the 'new J.K. Rowling'?

     08.06.2008 Bhutan - the last Shangri-la in no hurry to change (Letter from Thimpu)

     08.06.2008 Benazir was a different person with me: L.K. Advani

     08.06.2008 Good samaritan Indian hits jackpot in Dubai

     08.06.2008 Western finance crisis will help India boost its share of world economy

     08.06.2008 Rudyard Kipling's Allahabad bungalow in a shambles

     08.06.2008 Very few chances of agreeing with China: Tibetan leader (Interview)

     09.02.2008 Noted social reformer Baba Amte passes away

     02.02.2008 'Chandrayaan marks new beginning in Indo-US relation'

     27.01.2008 Railways to link China`s Xinjiang with Central Asia
27.01.2008 Can India, China save world`s economy?

     27.01.2008 Ancient water channels found

     27.01.2008 Ice sheet may be blamed for warming

     27.01.2008 IT dept to use identity-search software to prevent evasion

     25.01.2008 India, France take N-step forward

     25.01.2008 India, France dance the nuclear waltz

     25.01.2008 US crisis may have second-order impact on Indian economy: FM

     25.01.2008 Recession, what recession? It`s Bollywood time in Davos!

     25.01.2008 Sarkozy backs US-India nuclear deal

     25.01.2008 France offers to supply 40 Rafale new gen fighters to IAF

     25.01.2008 India, France sign atomic energy co-operation pact

     25.01.2008 New ICICI fund targets investors in Gulf

     25.01.2008 More British jobs to go to India

     23.01.2008 Workaholic Sonia unwilling to take a break: Rahul

     23.01.2008 About 60% of Indians lack financial accessibility: NABARD

     23.01.2008 "Min wage for workers seeking jobs abroad not yet fixed"

     23.01.2008 New ICICI fund targets investors in Gulf

     23.01.2008 British, Indian varsities to start angel investment network

     23.01.2008 Info on Indian diaspora now just a click way

     23.01.2008 Young Indian weaves yoga magic in China

     23.01.2008 Pak`s new port has strategic implications for India: Mehta

     18.01.2008 China seeks to enhance economic ties with India

     15.01.2008 Fiat could help in Nano's Europe launch

     15.01.2008 Singh`s visit to have "significant" impact on ties: China

     15.01.2008 World's freest & more repressed economies in Asia: Survey

     14.01.2008 Manmohan eyes more trade, investment with China

     11.01.2008 Tata unveils Rs 1 lakh "Nano", says promice fulfilled

     28.11.2007 Kremlin Seeks To Extend Its Reach in Cyberspace

     27.11.2007 Indian churches in Bahrain face eviction notice

     14.11.2007 UK is multi-million pound market for Indian films

     13.11.2007 "Indian students more global than UK's"

     13.11.2004 Follow Vivekanandas ideals, says Kalam







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International Yoga Day 21 June 2015































































































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