"After our youngest son had seen Star Wars for the twelfth or thirteenth time, I said, "Why do you go so often?" He said, "For the same reason you have been reading the Old Testament all of your life." He was in a new world of myth." Bill Moyers, interview with Joseph Campbell


















































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     01.07.2015 Hindus have highest retention rate in USA

     30.06.2015 India To Partner Nigeria To Dev Nollywood

     25.06.2015 Agatti and Minicoy Islands to allow entry, exit from India

     25.06.2015 India's soft power? Cultural nationalism? Or Hindutva push? The many views on Yoga Day

     25.06.2015 35,985 participants, 84 nationalities: Yoga Day event at Rajpath sets 2 Guinness records

     25.06.2015 PM Modi refuses selfies on Yoga Day

     22.06.2015 How Modi is elbowing Sonia, Rahul, Congress from India's cultural memes

     19.06.2015 India's plans for Yoga Day taking a stressful turn

     19.06.2015 Apps for Meditating

     19.06.2015 Anthony Howe's Otherworldly Kinetic Sculptures

     19.06.2015 India ties itself in knots over International Yoga Day

     19.06.2015 Russian firms taking renewed interest in India

     15.06.2015 Four Hindu temples launched in Europe

     04.05.2015 International Yoga Day as Soft Cultural Power

     01.03.2013 India Denied Koh-i-Noor Diamond

     28.02.2013 Lost Rudyard Kipling poems published

     03.07.2010 Sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar 90 Not Out, A Celebration

     01.07.2009 India wakes to a Tibetan headache

     28.07.2009 First good shower too little too late for farmers

     28.07.2009 Anaesthesia not harmful for babies during birth

     28.07.2009 Highlights of India's monetary policy update

     28.07.2009 Pandit's Citi to keep expanding in India, China

     28.07.2009 Obama born in US: White House tells 'birthers'

     28.07.2009 From jeans to T-shirts, silk gets a new spin

     28.07.2009 Pact with US to boost India's space launch industry

     27.07.2009 'Chinese drugs with Indian labels affecting exports to Africa'

     16.04.2009 Perfecting the science of shoe-throwing: New course for media schools?

     16.04.2009 A journalist must express himself through media, not by shoe throwing

     16.04.2009 FM radio sees big revenue from political ads

     16.04.2009 India TV withdraws from regulatory body

     16.04.2009 Journalist accused of spying stands trial in Iran

     16.04.2009 Concentrate, stay cool, gurus tell campaigning politicians

     15.04.2009 Trinidad & Tobago to host Americas summit, taxpayers unhappy

     15.04.2009 Want vote? Write your promises down

     15.04.2009 India must have grand strategic design in its foreign policy

     15.04.2009 Clear winner in doubt as India set for general electionst

     23.03.2009 Slowdown-hit India Inc has wish list ready for next government

     18.02.2009 Debate on Rajiv Gandhi, a few jokes mark Aiyar's book launch

     18.02.2009 Just one centimetre, this 'Hanuman Chalisa' costs Rs.100,000

     18.02.2009 Amazon releases new e-book reader as Google eyes market

     18.02.2009 Finnish PM's ex-girlfriend fined for explicit book

     18.02.2009 Hemingway's personal documents to be digitised

     18.02.2009 Checkout girl's best-seller reveals life behind the till

     18.02.2009 A new ayurveda spa to drive away recession blues

     18.02.2009 Jharkhand court issues notice on Raj Thackeray

     18.02.2009 Downturn takes sheen off Indian art at Spanish fair

     18.02.2009 Tibetan exiles still ready for talks with China

     18.02.2009 Organic tea coins gain favour in Europe, Southeast Asia

     17.02.2009 Tips as a revenue stream - the Sulekha.com way

     17.02.2009 Americans will give Obama a year to get things right: Bill Clinton

     17.02.2009 Global meltdown has hit IT sector hiring in India: Nilekani

     17.02.2009 What ails Indian Muslims? Negativism (Comment)

     17.02.2009 2009 sees alarming rise in tiger deaths in India

     17.02.2009 Nepal Maoists flay Buddha for getting berth beside Marx, Lenin

     09.02.2009 The country of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky

     09.02.2009 Russia's Sukhoi aircraft maker opens office in India

     09.02.2009 Thales awaits IAF nod for Mirage-2000 upgrade

     09.02.2009 US firms to go full throttle at Indian aero expo

     09.02.2009 One in every four Madhya Pradesh schools has only one teacher

     09.02.2009 Solar-powered band rocks for a green earth

     09.02.2009 Indian origin director creates a bit of Bollywood in Austria

     09.02.2009 India to help remake northern Sri Lanka

     09.02.2009 UPA poses threat to country's 'vital' interests: Advani (Roundup)

     08.02.2009 Yoga is a part of holistic Islam (Comment)

     08.02.2009 No blogging, social networking for Indian diplomats

     08.02.2009 Want to break into Bollywood? Win a pageant

     08.02.2009 India's emission cap can help resolve climate impasse: UNEP chief

     08.02.2009 Recession? IPL II jumpstarts with multimillion dollar auction

     07.02.2009 'Nuke scientist A.Q. Khan's release could be conditional'



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International Yoga Day 21 June 2015
International Yoga Day 21 June 2015
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